Custom Process

We offer a wide variety of custom jewelry and art. Our products range from custom engagement rings to hand painted wine glasses.  One of our favorite projects is to take broken or mismatched items from your jewelry box and design one beautiful necklace. We also paint all of your animals on wineglasses for a fun entertainment set. Working on something close to the heart and one of a kind is our favorite part of our job.

How does it work?

  1. Contact us:     We are a two woman team and we love our customers. We prefer when you call us or send an inquiry online
  2. Pricing:     There is no minimum pricing for custom. Jewelry repairs and custom paintings start as low as $20
  3. Process:     Since your requests can vary significantly, so do our processes. However, everything starts and ends the same: we begin with a special order envelope and a detailed description of your item, we work in the middle create the item itself, and in the end you get something truly beautiful and unique.
  4. Timing:     Our typical turn around time is between 2-4 weeks. We will give a close estimate of delivery date at the time of your order.  Custom orders depend on demands and time of year. It is never too early to shop for Christmas!
  5. Guarantee:     We are in business to make you happy. If your order does not spark joy, we will work with you to make the adjustments needed to our original design plan and be sure the final product is right.
  6. Shipping and Insurance:     We ship in the USA! Pricing ranges from the size and weight of packages.
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